Sunday, May 14, 2006


Taho from Lumina and Miss Kati from are working with Sandie Sedgebeer, the owner of and magazines, on a new film about the detailed life of indigos, human evolution, and creating heaven on earth.

Our documentary is so unique in that we are going to delve deeper and go further than anyone else ever has with this realm of knowledge! We feel the other documentaries and films served their purpose, but they barely began to scratch the surface of who we are and why we are here! We don't just want to do a documentary about us, but we want to do one that EMPOWERS us to get out their and start making the positive healthy changes this world and its inhabitants needs!
Our documentary is going to look at the life of an indigo, the challenges we face on a daily basis, and how we can get out of the matrix and start truly living our unique divine life missions. Te movie will be guided by interviews from experts in all the fields of the evolution of humanity and the indigo children themselves.

The other documentaries also just focus on the indigo children. We are going to focus on the evolution of humanity and this planet as a whole! We need to stop labelling ourselves and better or worse because we are indigo and we all need to realize that we ALL can be indigo because being indigo just means u carry the indigo vibe, and anyone can raise there vibration to do this!
Since we are going to be representing the indigo children in this documentary, we felt it was important to make sure everyone can have a say and can be included in this project. We are now building a team of people to help us and we want YOU to join! If you feel you have any interesting information to add or share about the evolution of humanity, If you want to be a part of the film crew, or if u just have an opinion or suggestion about the film, you can fill out this Documentary Form HERE.

People who already signed on for the movie:

- Ronna Herman
- Lee Carroll
- Jan Tober
- Doreen Virtue
- Karen Bishop
- Laura Lee Mysticah
- Dr.Landrith Garland
- Sandie Sedgbeer
- Dr. Robert and Pam Gibbs
- Joey Klein
- Dr. Noel Macfie

And many more...

Who's ready to help us start the Revolution of Evolution? Whose gonna step up and live their life missions to the fullest? Who is gonna show what they know through their divine life talents? Whose ready to help this planet to the fullest? WE NEED YOU !
It's now or never guys! Time to shit or get off the pot, as my grandmother would say. Let's begin making Heaven on Earth!
We will be touring in the US and Canada this summer to interview all types of people in these spiritual movements. We want to film:
Indigos who are geniuses, Indigos who have messages, Indigos who can channel, Indigos who can do telekinesis, levitation, Indigos who can manipulate matter, energy, and time, Experts who can confirm indigos doing amazing things, Science to back up the indigo phenomena, The challenges that many indigos face, Alternatives to changing this world so its suited for the indigo, Schoolteachers, Parents and/or families who have an indigo who have changed their lives, Famous indigos/people who know about the indigo phenomena, Doctors, Psychologists, Neurologists, Metaphysicians and psychics
We are tirelessly working on coming up with the funding we need for this documentary. We want to stay away from anything corporate or controlling in that aspect, so we feel doing it as independently as possible is the way to go. If you would like to contribute to our project or if you know someone who would like to please email us and let us know or If you would like to donate to the making of this documentary you can make donations via paypal here .

We are more than welcome to have sponsors for this film.

The following items are things we need to make this film the best it can be:
- A VAN- for touring the US and Canada to film conferences and do interviews
- RESIDENCY- when we are traveling anyone who can give us a room somewhere. For post production we need to have a place to stay to do the editing and special effects work in the US as well.
Anyone who can contribute to any of these things will not only get a big thank you, but Taho and I can advertise your business or organization at the end of the film. We can also make a special page on the IndigoAbuse website to advertise for your business or organization. If you are interested please contact Miss Kati at

Thursday, May 11, 2006

The proposal

An Indigo Journey Outside of the Matrix

The idea:
The movie is a mix between a fictional film and a documentary that shows how an indigo perceives life. The story is guided by interviews from many indigos, experts, scientists, ect. This movie will illustrate all the perceptions, visions, fears, and the daily happenings of some Indigos on this planet. It will also show how they want the world to change and what are the challenges they encounter in their life missions. In a very understandable manner, the secrets of the Universe will be unlocked and illustrated by high quality digital animations and indigos and expert commentaries.

From the stress provoked by a crowd to the magic state of being infused by a beautiful piece of music, to meeting your angels for the first time, we enter the secret life of an Indigo.

The story:
The movie follows Crystal, a 17-year-old female Indigo, in her life. We are invited to see how she perceives her environment. This story takes us through being with an abusive and unsupportive family, unsupportive teachers, negative school environments, and the baffled scientific community. We will show the interactions between these things as seen from Crystal’s perspective. The girl will go through an intense awakening where she meets her angels for the first time, begins to see and hear ghosts, and she begins to manipulate matter and energy. Her parents will go as far as to take her to doctors to get labelled as crazy and put on drugs, where she shows her telekinetic powers and destroys the medicine they try to give her. The doctors want to take her in to do several tests. She will meet her soul mate for the first time and manifests her life mission with him.

During the entire story, the film will be guided through interviewed commentaries from experts who can explain why this is happening and indigos that can relate to similar situations.

-Light workers
-Free thinkers,
-Open mind people (more than 50% of the planet) in a first step.

The general structure:
This is a fictional movie guided by interviews from indigos, scientists, experts, ect. As the movie plays there will be informative interview commentaries from these people about their perceptions of expertise of the particular subject and scene being shown.

Subject covered:
- The evolution of Humanity as a whole.
- The reality of the astral world explained by science
- Family and societies take on the evolution
- Brain
- Emotions (depression, anger etc...)
- Angels
- Soul Mates
- Energy (Auras, thoughts, spiritual bodies etc...)
- Food, chemicals, medicine
- Alpha level, the mediation state